Mara TK Asks Is 'Anyone Here?'

Earlier this year we revealed that Mara TK, front man of the incredible Electric Wire Hustle, would be releasing a solo EP entitled Taniwhunk sometime this year. Fast-forward five months and the EP has arrived albeit a bit shorter than we expected hoped for. We already gave you "Run (Away From The Valley Of Fear)," which I loved instantly, and now the second (and final) piece of the jigsaw, "Anyone Here?," has been released. As much as it pains me to admit it, I'm not really feeling the song. The ever-smooth vocals are present and correct, but they just don't seem to gel with the minimalistic backing. Maybe I just need to give this a few more spins for it to settle in. The two-track EP is available for purchase over at Mara's Bandcamp page. Here's hoping it's a pre-cursor to EWH's follow-up LP.

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