JoiStaRR Wants To Be ‘Jumping The Broom’ With ‘Mr. Forever’

This past weekend I made it a point to go see Jumping the Broom, and I am so happy that I did. After being subjected to Tyler Perry‘s stranglehold on black films of recent years, it was refreshing to see a movie without Madea with intelligent writing, good performances, eye chocolate galore, and a positive but not preachy message even if the tidy ending was closer to being a fairy tale than real life. A surprise appearance by El DeBarge was the cherry on top as was the movie’s soundtrack, which caught my ear in the theater. Not quite at the level of the iconic Love Jones soundtrack, the Jumping the Broom soundtrack has its highlights. One such track that I dug that I felt fit well with the film’s theme was “Mr. Forever” by JoiStaRR, a singer/songwriter and former touring background vocalist for Kanye West. The first time I listened to this song, I had to do a double take on my iTunes because I thought it was Mary Mary who was singing. Come to find out that JoiStaRR is on MyBlock Records and under the guidance of founder/producer Warryn Campbell whose wife Erica Campbell is one-half of the gospel duo who he’s produced a lot of material for. The vocal similarities aside, “Mr. Forever” is a cute song. JoiStaRR wonders out loud if “Mr. Right Now” is “Mr. Forever” and encourages women to think twice before they give up the cookies. I like this song, and I also like what I’m hearing from JoiStaRR who has a mixtape, Broccoli & Noodles, dropping on May 17th. Look out for that, and cop the Jumping the Broom Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which also includes the film’s score, from iTunes.

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