Is There Any ‘Love’ For Aretha Franklin’s Return?

The Queen of Soul has returned with new music for us, her royal subjects. Aretha Franklin is back and making royal appearances promoting her limited-release CD, A Woman Falling Out of Love. This is her first album since a 2008 Christmas album and 2003’s So Damn Happy before that. The disc is available exclusively at Walmart stores and since being released on May 3rd and will be available
on iTunes and other online retailers after June 3rd. Queen Aretha recently stopped by The View to perform
her new single “How Long I’ve Been Waiting,” which you can view after the bounce. She looked startlingly like half the woman she once was
following a reported 85-pound weight loss. Unfortunately, Franklin sounded less than savory and A Woman Falling Out of Love has been getting poor reviews, but it’s exciting to see that
she is back and seemingly taking better care of herself. What say you good citizens of Soulandia, is Queen ReRe’s
return a joyous occasion, or should the townspeople grab their pitchforks and revolt?

After the bounce

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