Have A '3-Way' With Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg & Lady Gaga

The beautiful minds that brought us the holiday classic "D--k In A Box" returned with another uproariously funny SNL Digital Short this weekend on Saturday Night Live's 36th season finale. Host Justin Timberlake teamed back up with cast member Andy Samberg and together in all their '90's Chess King and Oak Tree finery they recreated their Color Me Badd-esque duo with the addition of musical guest Lady Gaga adding the right amount of sugar to their Kool-Aid on the track "3-Way." No, their little ditty had nothing to do whatsoever with a conference call -- unless it was a three-way booty call, that is. Timberlake, Samberg, and Gaga bring to hilarious life the conundrum of two dudes knocking boots with one chick, assuring themselves and us that "it's not gay when it's in a 3-way/with a honey in the middle, there's some leeway/the area's gray in a 1-2-3-way." That, my friends and freaks, is the golden rule. By the time the bridge comes in and Justin and Andy break out with the "helicopter d--k," your funny bone (no pun intended) will be thoroughly tickled by all the comedic win in this song and video. 

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