Does Baby Jaymes Have 'Heart And Soul'?

When I read the press release accompanying Baby Jaymes' "Heart and Soul" my side-eye engaged when I read the genre description: Ghetto Retro. I was ready to dismiss it on that basis alone, but I had a minute or two to kill so I pressed play and prepared myself for another dose of formulaic, Motown rip-off pop. A third of the way in, after the obligatory record scratches and the statement "I'm sensitive about my s--t," my expectations were met, however I found myself not hitting stop and delete and instead, after a bout of involuntary foot tapping and head nodding, I felt the need to take another listen. Sure this song follows a tried and tested (and way overdone) formula, but the vocals are promising and the track is certainly catchy as hell. Further perusal of the press release informed me that Baby Jaymes has collaborated with Raphael Saadiq and George Clinton, artists that, for the most part, can be relied upon as indicators of good music. So what say you Bouncers? Is this just another singer on the "retro" bandwagon? Or is Baby Jaymes one-to-watch?

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