Try Cubic Zirconia's 'Night Or Day' On For Size

I've been enchanted by songstress Tiombe Lockhart since first hearing her single, "Mr. Johnnie Walker," on a Suite 903 CD circa '04. Since then, my girl crush has continued to grow, aided by her collaborations with Platinum Pied Pipers and her own sporadic releases. Which makes it all the more painful to say what I'm about to: I have no friggin' idea what to make of her most recent reincarnation as one-third of the recording outfit Cubic Zirconia. Ever since she joined forces with Nick Hook and Daud Sturdivant, I haven't been able to make heads nor tails of the collective's work. Their debut single, "Hoes Come Out At Night," had me bobbing my head to the beat, while its' accompanying video left me scratching it at the same time. Their follow-up video, "Josephine," left me equally as torn as the first. So when I saw that they had released a new video for the song "Night or Day (CZ Club Mix)" featuring Bilal, I was fully prepared to love it and hate it at the same time, which is pretty much what I did. While I like this song a little less than the first two, the video didn't leave me feeling as trippy as they did. Filled with shots of New York City gorgeous enough to actually make me miss the snow, we see Lockhart either strolling the city's streets (at one point in the ill throwback eight ball jacket) or taking a bubble bath while holding a cat (and no, that wasn't a typo -- she's really holding a cat). Although I never actually heard Bilal's voice, I'm not wholly sure that it would've made me like this techno-electronica hybrid that the group calls "Ethnic Disco." But since I welcome every chance I can get to feast my ears upon Tiombe's hypnotic voice, I'll take whatever I can get, even if it leaves me feeling like somebody slipped something in my drank.

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