The Mixologists: Keyknow's 'Eclectic Relaxation'

It may be April Fool's Day, but our latest Mixologist mix is no joke. What is it is is over an hour of instrumental tunes curated by our resident Mixologist Keyknow that he calls Eclectic Relaxation. This collection reaches back into the past with a little Isaac Hayes and Kashif and brings the playlist current with selections by Frank MccComb, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Zo!, and numerous others as seen in the playlist after the bounce. Is it eclectic? Yes. Is it relaxing? Very. Is is smooth, jazzy, and soulful? Sho you right. Now that Friday evening is upon us, why don't you just leave your 9-to-5 up on the shelf and slip into something more comfortable. This mix is just your size. 

Keyknow Eclectic Relaxation [Download 1][Download 2]


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MFSB - Mysteries Of The World
Isaac Hayes - Cafe Regio's
Kashif - The Mood
Black Gold Massive - Don't Give Up Now
Frank McComb - If It Wasn't For Herbie and Chick
Peven Everett - Love Seat
Paul Hardcastle - Lost Summer
Drea - Too Beautiful For Words
Zo! - Detroit District
Harron Evoria - Sueños Dolce
Mr. Fingers - Dawn Of A New Day
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Cosmic Echoes
Ten City - Then
Green Tea - Eclectic Relaxation

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