Bounce-Worthy: Alison Grant

What I know about UK vocalist Alison Grant could be written on the back of a postage stamp. I had never heard of her until late last week when UK MC Ty began tweeting a link to her singing "Living For Today," the first single from her upcoming album, Pen To Paper, and folks on Twitter were getting excited. Her online presence is pretty much non-existent besides the obligatory MySpace page and an official site is billed as "coming soon." Usually with such limited information I'd hold fire on sharing, however Ty hooked us up with a few tracks from the album and after taking a listen I thought it would be selfish to hold back. "Living For Today" is a sweet, mid-tempo groove perfect for the sunnier weather we (at least us in the UK) are currently experiencing. "Angel" has that '90s/Brandy-esque ballad feel without sounding like it's been dug out the vaults, and it really showcases Alison's exceptional vocals. No word yet on when the album will drop, but you can be sure we'll let you know as soon as we do.

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