BOSCO Gives Us Raw 'Emotion'

If BOSCO's voice impressed you with her debut album, Spectrum, and her follow-up
album, Spectrum 2.0, she will blow you away with this mesmerizing video, or an "Emotion Film" as she calls it, where
she wails out every deeply emotional verse with an insane amount of passion. BOSCO and Phil the God,
director of the piece, make a beautiful team. His directing, which results in the significant imagery of her
climbing out of somewhere (the pits of despair, maybe?), is a perfect fit with her pained, tear-stained
facial expressions and her gut-wrenching lyrics. The grainy and garbled sound sends her voice into those
1920's crying, tortured, soul-blues days. It sounds as if she's singing into a vintage, gritty mic, which
links up with the dark, unfocused, and artistically messy cinematography flawlessly. Until she blesses us
with her upcoming album, Black, watch this and feel her raw emotion and passion.

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