Timothy Bloom Schools Us On Music Education

Did you know March was Music in Our Schools Month? Singer Timothy Bloom did. And
he took time from promoting his EP, The Budding Rose, to speak on the importance of music
education. He stresses that music is one of the subjects that can kids can relate to in school, and it
can keep them focused -- that is, if they actually have the opportunity to take music classes. With
uplifting YouTube videos and impressive Oscar appearances by some products of public school
music classes
, you wouldn't think that school music programs are in danger. But, they are.
Music programs, and art programs in general, have been on the decline for years. And while
some kids might be able to benefit from private music lessons outside of school, many can only
rely on the nation's public education system for exposure to music. With repeated and ongoing
cuts in funding, more and more kids are losing the opportunity to experience the beauty of music.

After the bounce

The National Association for Music Education believes that everyone should be able
to experience music, so they created Music in Our Schools Month, and dedicated the month
of March to keeping music education alive. Each March they promote activities and programs that raise
interest in music education; they ask musicians to speak to the public about the importance of
music education; and they ask us all to contact elected officials to tell stop them cutting music
education budgets. Timothy Bloom did his part, and although March might be ending today, it's not too late to do ours. We music lovers
owe a lot to music education, so we all need to support it.
View Timothy Bloom's video below and then head over to The National Association for Music
Education's website to find out how you can help keep music in our schools.

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