Raphael Saadiq Keeps On 'Rollin'' Back To The Past

Sam Cooke and Buddy Holly fans rejoice. Ageless music veteran Raphael Saadiq has unleashed the clip for "Stone Rollin'," the third single from his upcoming album of the same name. Continuing his venture into yesteryear, the throwback performance clip features Raphael paying tribute to the smoking hot body (and booty) of his lady over a soulful--you guessed it--old school joint. Infinitely more enjoyable than the visual for "Radio," which wasn't difficult to beat, this is more like it. And by "this is more like it," I mean that I don't hate it altogether. Sure, he looks good. Sure, the leading lady's dress is fire and her weave believable. That's all awesome, but the more he sticks to this sound, the more I miss his Instant Vintage and Lucy Pearl days. While I love his voice and can't question his cultural contributions and worth, there comes a time when this throwback soul revivalist movement he's a part of falters. If you can't revist the sound and put a new spin on it, should it not be left alone? Raphael's earlier work was fresh, innovative, instantly recognizable, and was frequently imitated. This? Not so much. I won't hold my breath waiting for a Dawn Robinson reconnection, but I certainly won't be holding my breath for this album's release either. Have a look for yourself.

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