John Legend Goes Under 'Deep' Cover

In the middle of preparing for his upcoming overseas tour, and before he hits the road with Sade this
summer, John Legend found the time to cover Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" from her (#1 again!) album,
21. It's been a few months since we've heard from him since his collabo with The Roots on Wake Up!, so we welcome the remake--or anything else he
wants to do--based on that fact alone. He actually covers the song a cappella, which is both a creative
move and a smart one. Hearing his voice with no accompaniment changes up the whole song, making
it more than a simple copy. Part of the fun, and most of what is behind the success of the original,
is Adele's soulful, stomp-n-clap backing band. But eliminating the background, rather than trying
to recreate it, works for Legend. This way, the cover allows us to just focus on his voice, which kind of sounds
brand new all over again.

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