Don't Run Away From Kevin Cossom's 'Runaway'

I was first introduced to singer-songwriter Kevin Cossom via dance classes here in Los Angeles. His heavily-produced R&B and pop offerings are a favorite of several local choreographers and teachers, so I've become a somewhat familiar with his sound. Most of what I've heard is fairly standard modern R&B. Signed to Danja's N.A.R.S. imprint on Jive Records, he's Trey Songz minus the inflated ego but with an awareness of his actual singing range. And although he occasionally ventures down Auto-Tune Alley, homeboy can actually sing. Recently, he covered Kanye West's "Runaway" for his By Any Means mixtape, and it's not terrible. This trend of hi-jacking previously released songs all willy nilly and repackaging it as new work doesn't always yield good results, so I'm always skeptical. Here, though, he's ditched rapper collaborations and the heavy handed vocal production he may favor for a simpler emo approach to Kanye's track. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I dig it. Have a listen, why don't you?

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