DJ Kemit Plans To Spread Love On Debut Album Release

Barely into spring, and this year is already shaping up to be one that will satisfy even the
most discriminating of musical palates. One such example is the fall 2011 release of DJ
‘s debut solo album. The as-yet-untitled project is promising to be a soul album with
spiritual undertones. In a time of unnatural disasters and an over abundance of just
plain foolishness, this full-length LP may not only serve as the answer to the near-overwhelming mixtape trend but
the salve for many a weary soul. Even with a musical background that extends almost 30 years, this project will be an introduction of sorts to answer the question, “Who
is DJ Kemit?” With love woven into the lyrics and stories of meeting “the one” on the
dance floor, Kemit has shared that the inspiration behind the album is essentially to be
a light in the darkness. What better way to introduce yourself to new and old fans alike.
In the mean time, check out DJ Kemit’s production on Anthony David‘s “4Evermore” featuring Algebra Blessett and Phonte or on the official remix to Eric Roberson‘s “Still” with a little help from Ahmed Sirour. (And if you’re in the Atlanta area and have yet to make it to one of the monthly Spread Love events hosted by Kemit, then re-examine your life and your choices.) Fall may be a ways
away, but something tells me this album will be well worth the wait.

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