We Don't Mind Giving Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman Some 'Time'

When I was forwarded this video by a friend with the simple directive to "WATCH THIS," I knew it had to be something good. Although I had heard Timothy Bloom's name before, I was unfamiliar with his music. In the first few seconds of "Til the End of Time," I was instantly drawn to the visuals. The image of the two beautifully-toned, naked bodies of Bloom and vocalist V. Bozeman in an empty white room provide a beautiful, yet simple contrast. Even though my interest was piqued, I admit that I was already anticipating a song that would just be aiight. I mean, how many other times have attractive artists relied on their gorgeous and physically-fit bodies to sell us crappy music with sub par vocals? (Keri Hilson, anyone?). So I was surprised blown away when I realized that both artists could SANG. By the song's end, I was ready to buy two of whatever the duo was selling. I wanted it all: the romance, the sensuality, the passion, and the pure, raw beauty exuded in the video. Naturally, the video is easy to compare to the equally stark-yet-sensual video for D'Angelo's now-infamous "Untitled." However, where D'Angelo's camera stopped, Bloom and Bozeman's camera goes wide, giving us a full-body shot that still manages to stay on the right side of sexy, rather than raunchy. I mean honestly, I could go on and on about this clip, but don't take my gushing, blubbering word for it; check out the vid right now to see if Bloom's latest offering is worthy of your time.

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