This JimiJames Video Will 'Still' Your 'Heart' & Mind

Let me tell y'all something: JimiJames' "Still In My Heart" is my jam. So much so that I still bump this track with almost the same frequency as when I first heard it almost two years ago. Not only does the Proh Mic beat totally bang, but Jimi's voice is one of the most effortlessly sultry voices I've heard in quite some time. I really didn't know what to expect with this video, but it's obvious that directors have been quite intrigued by the concept of infidelity, as evidenced by videos from Cee-Lo and Raphael Saadiq this week alone. Kudos to Jimi for being both sexy and beautiful while keeping her clothes on and proving that it's possible to make women such as myself swoon over her talent. 

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