Take A Ride Through London With The Ladies Of Diddy-Dirty Money

I would like nothing more than to dislike and disregard this whole Diddy-Dirty Money situation. That Mr. Combs changed the group’s name from Dirty Money to Diddy-Dirty Money would have normally been more than enough reason to write them off. But, I thoroughly enjoy Dawn Richard (and her ongoing Brandy impersonation) so it is hard for me to dismiss the group. With that said, their latest video collaboration with PinBoardBlog has drawn me to the ladies of DDM even more. You see, I like to pretend they’re a duo. The Dawn and Kalenna show, if you will. In my mind, their emo urban electronica album is a joint venture between the two singer-songwriters, with that guy being his usual, unfortunately overbearing, emotionally unstable, track-hogging self, that I can block out when necessary. With that said, this latest video features a candid discussion with the ladies during a recent London trip, while that guy is but a silent image in the background. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They open up about working with that guy and connecting with one another. Dawn reveals that she clicks with her new partner because, unlike the girls in Danity Kane, Kalenna loves music the way she does. A frank, unfiltered statement. Never mind that they misspelled Kalenna’s name in the credits. Take a ride with the ladies below.

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