Ra-Re Valverde Is Right 'On Time'

If your love life is as dead as mine, then this year's Valentine's Day will be just another Monday, albeit one that will be drowned in red and pink hearts, overpriced flowers and chocolates for everyone but you. Luckily for us members of the Lonely Hearts Club--thanks Glee--we now have at least one gift under our heart-shaped trees thanks to Ra-Re Valverde. That's because the Bounce-Worthy artist is offering up a new tune, "On Time," via her Bandcamp page. Though I love checking her out when she provides backing vocals for the likes of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, I'm always happy when she drops her own stuff. And while this sparse, spacey love song doesn't showcase her powerful voice as much as I would've preferred, I'll take what I can get all the same. Hurry over and download it though, because it'll only be available for free download until V-Day, February 14th.

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