R. Kelly Digs Nostalgia, Considers Redoing Some '70s Funk

After the success of his last album, Love Letter, R. Kelly is really trying to catch up with Raphael Saadiq has decided that he wants to explore other eras of music. According to this interview with Will Oldham for Interview Magazine, that whole album stemmed from a private event he held a few years ago where he played an entire set from Sam Cooke's performance at the Copacabana as Sam Cooke. It was all themed; the guests dressed in 1960s attire and all the set pieces were as authentic as possible. Kelly may do a Shaft-type R&B album in the near future, too. He remarked:

"I feel like I can get in my musical time machine and just travel anywhere I want. And when I get there, I can take some of those elements and bring them back to these days, and it's authentic. It's almost like I feel like it's unfair, but it's not, you know? I didn't give myself this gift, so I must be meant to do something with it."

Burning questions: Would you buy a retro-funk R&B hybrid from R. Kelly? Do you think he'll have a themed event complete with afros and cocaine to properly channel that period? Either way, it sounds intriguing. And the interview is definitely worth the reading. 

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