Let Taylor McFerrin & RYAT Work Their Way Into Your 'Heart'

In the first opening moments of Taylor McFerrin's new video, "Place In My Heart," I couldn't help but experience a sense of sadness. We see Taylor's brother, Jevon, awaken on an eerily empty beach. That image, combined with with an overwhelmingly overcast sky and the haunting tone of vocalist RYAT's voice, immediately put me ill at ease. Despite the fact that we also see flashbacks of a Jevon and his lady love coyly frolicking on a beach, I just couldn't shake the feeling that something wicked was coming this way. And boy was I right. Although we are prevented from hearing the topic, viewers watch engage in what appears to be a particularly troubling exchange. I can't tell if she suffers from depression or if they were actually arguing, but one thing was evident---the once-happy couple was barrelling down the path of destruction. While I won't spoil the end for you, it's a shocker and explains how Jevon got to that beach all by his lonesome. Though both haunting and sad, this is a beautiful treatment nonetheless.

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