So What Do We Think Of Kanye’s ‘All Of The Lights’?

This weekend the internets went HAM when Kanye dropped the video for “All of the Lights” featuring Rihanna, or as I like to call her the deaf and blind man’s Beyoncé, and the perpetually overrated and strange Kid Cudi. With almost three million views on YouTube since its Friday release, since you’ve more than likely already seen the video, let’s take a closer look at what worked and what didn’t, shall we? 

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Hell to the yes:

  • The opening scene with the little girl walking from her apartment to God knows where, had me riveted. The menacing violins created the perfect soundtrack to the wintry backdrop. I assumed she was going to school, but I just had the feeling that she was in some type of danger and that kept me watching. I like how she was tied back into the video later when Ye said “she need her daddy.” 
  • There was no discernible story line, but I liked the random scenes that were interspersed that related to the lyrics.
  • This is my jam, one of the few songs from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that I truly dug, so it’s good to see a video for it. 

Hell to the nah:

  • Rihanna. I am so over this non-singing broad. I can count on two fingers the songs of hers that I like, but all of y’all that co-sign this chick are to blame for making her into the superstar that she is. The only purpose that she served in this video was for people to keep watching to see if one of her titties was gonna fly out from her outfit.
  • Hype Williams. Just his name tagged onto this video in any capacity whatsoever means that it probably cost six figures to make, which makes no damn sense at all. 
  • The flashing words and strobe lights throughout the video surely sent someone into a epileptic seizure after watching this. 
  • Weren’t there like 35 other people on this song? They could have been included in the video to make it an over-the-top spectacle for which Mr. West has become known. 

Overall, I give these visuals a passing grade. I’ve watched the video a few times already, but moreso to hear the song than to actually watch it. What are your thoughts, Bouncers, does Yeezy’s latest vid do anything for you?

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