Is Jennifer Hudson's New Video 'Where' It's 'At'?

I'd be lying if I said that I love Jennifer Hudson's new single "Where You At," because I don't. Yes, Jenny sounds great, but we already knew that she could sing. That's not news. The song itself is just mediocre in my opinion and not one of R. Kelly's strongest songwriting efforts. He has her singing about a corner boy for goodness sakes, and we see her block-hugging man in full effect in the song's newly released video. JHud emotes alone in her bedroom and walks along the waterfront in a fierce leather outfit while her man sells dope to the homies.
I would have liked to have seen more of a connection between Jennifer and her leading man. When she pops up in an empty church at the end, it would have been a nice touch if he joined her. Truthfully, the most exciting part of this video for me is seeing the new and improved Jennifer Hudson in action. She looks amazing, sexy, and confident. My biggest takeaway from this: I'm going back to Weight Watchers next week.

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