Get Some ‘Love’ In Your Life From Kindred The Family Soul & Snoop Dogg

I see that quizzical look on your face. Kindred the Family Soul and Snoop Dogg? Really? Yes, really. I’m not the biggest Snoop fan because of his propensity for musical ratchetness, but every now and then he strikes gold (“Sensual Seduction” anyone?) and his perpetually stoned vocal tone lends itself to more mellow musical selections such as his guest spot on “You Got Love,” the latest by our favorite husband and wife duo. “You Got Love” is the first single off of their upcoming album, The Great Recession, and the new millennium Peaches & Herb are back at it with another celebration of their love thang put to music. Directed by Matthew Cherry, who previously lensed their “House Of Love,” the video begins with Aja and Fatin in the bedroom and ends with them getting their groove on while performing in a night club surrounded by lots of familiar faces. Watch the video and see how many you can pick out in the crowd.

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