Faith Evans Stays 'Right Here'

Just when it seemed that Faith Evans' most recent album, Something About Faith was about to fade into oblivion since its fall 2010 release date, she gives fans something to cheer about by dropping the album's second single, "Right Here." Shot in black-and-white HD, the video shows Ms. Evans being chauffeured around the city, while singing her heart out. As one of my favorite songs from the album, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the video was a little on the boring side. The video easily looks like it could've been any Hype Williams video filmed in the '90s. With the exception of the back of her chauffeur's head, the only person we see is Faith and she never does anything but just ride around and sing. A little action or at least interaction with another person would've kicked it up a notch or two, but ultimately, I'm still happy that another single from the album has seen the light of day.

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