Dee-1 Steps Up & Takes His 'Turn'

One of the things that's always irked me as a former New Orleans resident is the rest of the world's myopic view of this city as a rich cultural hub. Most people I've met regard New Orleans as a place to use up like it owed them something, visiting for a few days while drinking strong concoctions in open view and slurping down the richest food imaginable without it being considered an illicit substance. New Orleans is so much more than what Zatarain's advertises on its commercials; so much more than Katrina's devestation and the tragic BP oil spill travesty. Additionally, it's so much more than Lil Wayne, Baby, Cash Money Records, or the newly rechristened Percy Miller aka Master P and his spawn Romeo. Dee-1 is someone from NOLA who I've had on my radar over the past few months and is always someone I refer to whenever anyone asks about what's new and poppin' musically in New Orleans. Anyone who's lived or resided there can tell you that music is as vital to the air or food that is consumed by its inhabitants. It's nice to see someone on the NOLA hip hop scene keeping its legacy alive all while showing the rest of the world that this city is much more than Dixieland Jazz. Take a peek at Dee-1's "It's My Turn Below" then learn more about him via his official site

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