Bounce Or Denounce: Willow Smith's '21st Century Girl'

After kicking in the door waving the proverbial .44 with "Whip My Hair," Willow Smith would have needed a hot 16 from President Obama with Michelle on background vocals and Malia and Sasha as her dancers for her second single to come anywhere close to that out-the-box hit. Sadly, the First Family is not present on "21st Century Girl," and whereas her first song hit the bull's eye, this new track misses the mark entirely, in my opinion. Sounding like her idol Rihanna if Rihanna could sing, Willow delivers a bombastic, over-produced piece of radio-ready pop this time around. It lacks the rhythm, catchiness, and overall likability of "Whip My Hair." Plus when she sings, "I'm the type of chick that likes to rock the beat," I thought that was a little too grown. A 10-year-old
calling herself a chick? Excuse me? Little girl, if you don't sit down
somewhere and do your homework. (Well, one would have to be in school to have homework, so never mind.) I'm sure that a fly video will follow and that this will whip the tweenybopper crowd into a frenzy, but I expected a little more for her follow up. Young Willow won't become a one-hit wonder; Will and Jada will make sure of that. But I can only hope that her material grows with her and gets better with time.

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