Bounce-Worthy: The Liberators

It looks like the afrobeat renaissance is on full steam ahead. We hipped you to the great FELA!-inspired 37th State compilation back in January, and now we have another release incorporating this oft-overlooked genre. The Liberators are a 10-piece outfit hailing from, surprisingly, Sydney, Australia. They combine the aforementioned afrobeat with soul, funk, and jazz-dance resulting in an intoxicating 10-track LP that relies heavily on the talented instrumentalists involved, only calling in vocalists to add a little texture to the project. My personal favorites are the funk-tastic "Rags To Riches" and the mid-tempo stomp of "Let It Go" featuring Dojo Cuts frontwoman Roxie Ray. Take a listen to both below and check out the full album over at Record Kicks.

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