Bilal Gets Serious In 'Little One' Teaser

The Bilal machine has been working overtime since the release of his latest CD Airtight's Revenge. With multiple video releases for album singles and numerous performances, the previously reserved artist has been more accessible and creatively visual than ever. However, after hitting us with artful video doozies for "Robots," "Restart," and "Levels," he seems to be taking a more straightforward approach if the trailer for his latest video, "Little One," is any indication. Filmed in Los Angeles during GRAMMY weekend, the Matthew Cherry-helmed short film shows a family dealing with the pressures of having an ill child. We know that the GRAMMY-nominated song was penned as an ode to his two sons, one who battles autism and another who battles sickle cell, so the video promises to be a tearjerker. While there's no release date for the video, which stars Dorian Missick (Mooz-lum, NBC's The Cape), Erica Hubbard (BET's Let's Stay
) and NFL star Sinorice Moss, we can tell it'll be well worth the wait. Get your tissues handy.

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