Ben L'Oncle Soul Does His Best 'Soulman' In This Video

I must say that when this video was recently submitted to us and I saw it was French soul courtesy of Ben L'Oncle Soul, an artist on Motown France's label, I was not in the least bit excited. There was just no way on Earth that I was going to sit through another Maty Soul type debacle again. Despite Ben's video for "Soulman"--C. Thomas Howell's transgressions notwithstanding--with its unmistakable '60s Motown soul vibe that I have long been tired of, I must say that I was actually impressed. Not only was I impressed with the graphic design elements and video production of this video, but I must say that Ben actually does have soul all without resorting to too much "oversouling." Ben's also got a slew of other videos such as one for The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" that are further proof of his vocal chops. Take a look at "Soulman" below and judge for yourself. [H/T: MS]

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