Ayo Is 'Gonna Dance' And You Can't Stop Her

I was catching up on my blog reading this morning and perused one of my faves, Adventures of An Audio Diva, and came across this newish video by German singer Ayo for the first single from her forthcoming album, Billie-Eve, being released in France on March 7th. If you remember Ayo like I remember her from her debut album, 2007's Joyful, and the follow up in 2008, Gravity At Last, then you might recall that her musical selections weren't the most exciting. Well, she's flipped her style like flapjack with the track "I'm Gonna Dance," an upbeat funk-rock groove heavy with percussion and guitars. In the video, Ayo gets her dance on and rocks a few looks as well--sexy secretary, skatergirl, and flamenco dancer. It's a totally different sound and vibe for her, and dare I say I love it. If you've been sleeping on Ayo, then this will surely wake you up.

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