Cloud Nice's 'Sound' Isn't 'Like' The Others

I can only imagine being blessed with the talent of lyrical ability and continually banging your head against a ceiling formed by archaic attitudes regarding the region you happen to inhabit. If the late '80s and early '90s taught us anything, hip hop may have originated in New York City but its limits are boundless. Add the immediate gratification of the internet into this mix, and being biased about where one prefers one's emcees to hail from just seems idiotic at best. Enter Cloud Nice's Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Jarv Dee. They may hail from Seattle--pardon the provincial attitude--but "We Don't Sound Like Yall" in fact only seems to have this trio sound like themselves which is great for those of us who prefer our music imaginative and unfiltered. Take a listen below to their "Sound" and thanks to RJ H for the compass. 

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