Take A Voyage To 'The Arnhelmland Galaxy' With This Jamiroquai Mixtape

Jamiroquai fans, this one is for you. The same week that their new video surfaced that has gotten many of us crunk to see them live, we now get a new mixtape to sink our teeth into. Mixed by French DJ oluJIDE adarkwah, this mix captures Jamiroquai in all of their infinite funkiness. The Arnhelmland Galaxy is presented by human ACOUSTICS and features over an hour of Jay Kay and company (and a few random surprises) to groove to. If your Jamiroquai collection is lacking, then this mixtape is here to the rescue. Check out the tracklist after the bounce and download this one with the quickness.      

human ACOUSTICS presents...The Armhelmland Galaxy [Download]
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1. The Armhelmland Galaxy [The Takeoff]
2. When You Gonna Learn
3. Deeper Underground
4. Butterfly
5. If I Like It, I Just Do It
6. High Times
7. Alright
8. Return of the Space Cowboy
9. The Space Cowboy/Slow [mash-up]
10. Who Do You Believe In/Manifest Destiny [blend]
11. Cosmic Girl ...The Video Game
12. Cosmic Girl
13. The Armhelmland Galaxy [The Arrival Interlude]
14. Kids
15. Revolution 1993
16. Light Years
17. Black Capricorn Day
18. Feels Just Like It Should
19. Feels Just Like It Should/Go Let It Out [mash-up]
20. You Give Me Something
21. You Give Me Something/One More Time [mash-up]
22. Seven Days In Sunny June
23. The Armhelmland Galaxy [The Cosmic Love Lesson Interlude]
24. Starchild
25. Canned Heat
26. Spend A Lifetime
27. She's A Fast Persuader
28. Emergency On Planet Earth
29. You Are My Love
30. Use the Force

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