Sample What James Blake Has To Offer

I'm sure just about everyone is familiar with the name James Blake by now. His self-titled debut album is set to drop next week,  and after the success of first single, "Limit To Your Love," the hype machine has been in overdrive. His blending of soul, electronica, dub-step, and prolonged silence is original but certainly not for everyone, and I can't help but feel that, while it will gain a cult-like underground following, it's a little too left-of-center to enjoy the kind of mainstream success being discussed. Well you can now judge for yourselves as an 11-minute album sampler has been released that'll give you a not-so-brief glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of James Blake. Listen to the sampler below and determine for yourself if this will make you want to buy the album and press play or pause.


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