Jessie J Does It Like A 'Dude'

Jessie J is well known as the YouTube phenomenon who went from singing in her bedroom to exploding onto the UK scene as "the one to watch" in 2011. Her talent and vocal ability are undeniable (see: her cover of Whitney's "I Have Nothing"), and it was only a matter of time before a major label snapped her up, packaged her all nice and shiny, and released her on the record-buying public. Her first single "Do It Like A Dude" isn't really my thing, the lyrics and the whole "attitude" thing make it almost unbearable for me to sit through, yet I'm holding out hope that she will come with some material that will really show her off to her full potential. All that said, I am quite enjoying this stripped-back, live performance of the track captured by PinBoardBlog and Red Bull Studios London as part of their Rehearsal Room series. Sure the soulfulness that we saw on "Mama Knows Best" is still absent, but I'll take this over the Rhianna's and Gaga's any day of the week.


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