Get Into ‘Bed’ With Isaac Aesili

I came across vocalist and producer Isaac Aesili last summer, while on a mission to discover all the soulful gems that New Zealand had to offer. Spurned on by the likes of Electric Wire Hustle and Fat Freddy’s Drop, I rooted through MySpace pages, NZ’s brilliant, artist websites, and Twitter recommendations discovering much along the way. One of the standouts was Isaac’s Eye See album, released back in 2009, which featured fellow Antipodean artists Mara TK and Deva Mahal amongst others. However, the track that immediately caught my attention, and that convinced me to get hold of the full album, was “In My Bed” featuring Aaradhna and Buff1. Isaac’s punchy production combined with Aaradhna’s distinctive vocals was a match made in musical heaven that sadly was, as is often the case with artists from that part of the world, destined to be confined to those in NZ and those lucky enough to have stumbled upon it. I’m not sure if Eye See will see a full international release–like Electric Wire Hustle and Benny Tones achieved via BBE–but things are looking slightly more promising now that a new video has surfaced over the weekend to accompany “In My Bed.” Check out the video below, and if you are feeling it you can now cop the album from Isaac’a Bandcamp page for only $5.

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