Eric Benét Makes Us 'Cry' Tears Of Joy On Wendy Williams

I have always been an Eric Benét fan even if in recent years I have sometimes found that too many of his slow jams sound alike to me. It was for that reason that I wasn't absolutely head-over-heels in love with "Sometimes I Cry." Plus, all that crying Eric was doing in the video made me a bit uncomfortable. In any case, he performed the song on The Wendy Williams Show last week, and I must say that I have a bit more love for the song once I saw Eric turn it out. Artists who really have stage chops are unfortunately no longer a dime a dozen these days, which makes this performance all the more awesome. Add to this the fact that Eric will soon be marrying his fiancé Manuela Testolini--Prince's ex-wife--and this song is even more special. 

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