Cee-Lo's Short Trailer For 'Bodies' Has Us Wanting More

Here's where I start off sounding like a curmudgeon: I didn't love Cee-Lo's The Lady Killer album. Sorry. But I sure did gush all over the Stray Bullets mixtape. I don't usually pay much attention to video trailers because they rank only slightly lower than auto-play videos/audio on music websites, and I just find them to be a huge unnecessary tease. This imaginative trailer for Cee-Lo's "Bodies," however, is a trailer that intrigued me from first viewing. From his latest album, "Bodies" is being touted as "motion picture" and stars Kerry Washington, our beloved Janelle Monáe, and even features an appearance by Karl Lagerfeld. It looks very murder mystery to me, and I'm definitely left wanting more. 

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