Bow Down To G&D's 'Majesty'

There was once a time where I really dug Declaime aka Dudley Perkins. It was somewhere around the time when this video for "Exclaim The Name" was released. Though I have tried to keep up with him since then, I have more so been checking for Georgia Anne Muldrow, his partner in life and in their aptly and succintly named duo G&D aka SomeOthaShip Connect. I'm not trying to dis in any way, it's just that I swear everything that Georgia seems to touch whether solo or collaborating is always golden. Take their new track "Majesty," for example. I'm loving the track especially because my mind is allowed to get lost once Georgia starts to sing so beautifully. "Majesty" is from their forthcoming album The Lighthouse, not to mention Georgia's latest Vweto that is out now. For what it's worth, this is all simply my opinion, and you can get to listening and forming your own about this duo once you listen for yourselves. 

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