Black Cloud Music Evades The Posse Cut 'Curse'

Posse cuts can be hard. Too many cooks in the kitchen can indeed spoil the soup. Alternatively, a situation can be created where instead of a more socialistic ideal where everyone's talents can shine, you end up with a Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine situation. Egos can get bruised when instead of the "Frontliner" you are heaped into the "et al." Ouch. I'm not going to sit here and say that every last emcee is of equal standing on Black Cloud Music's "The Kennedy Curse" because not even the laws of Wu-Tang Clan can qualify that to be true. I will say that each emcee, which there are several--Jynxx, Art Barz, Curtiss King, FaimKills, Noa James, and Yasin--emerging from smoke and brimstone gets progressively better and harder, kind of like the reverse of eating the best artichoke in life. Yes, I am hungry, and, yes, you will be left hungrier for more after watching this video.

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