Aloe Blacc Works For His 'Dollar' On Conan

I must admit that I did not triumphantly rejoice the way some others did when Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" was released last year. To be honest, I have been over the retro Motown sound for years now, and, while seeing some of my favorite artists in suits and formal wear is fresh, it got stale in my eyes. Nonetheless, I have to give it up to Aloe for remaining to be relevant in these fickle times when so few with so little taste seem to dictate what so many are supposed to love. I much rather enjoyed his cover of "Billie Jean" or his cover of "Femme Fatale" actually, but that's just me. He was on Conan last night with a fresh suit and full band in tow and, although I'm still not loving the song, it was a good performance overall and certainly less snooze-worthy than Keyshia Cole's the night before. In any case, grab this "Dollar" and dream on with Aloe Blacc.

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