See What Happens ‘When Christmas Comes’ To B. Scott’s House

I love B. Scott. He’s a buddy, so I guess that makes me an official Love Muffin! If you’re not familiar with this androgynous and sassy YouTuber turnt “Multimedia Maven,” you should be. Not only is he completely infectious (I dare you to resist his laugh or that “paw paw” dance of his), he also happens to be BFFs with Mariah Carey. So when she asked him to team up with her on a video contest for “When Christmas Comes,” the second single off her new Christmas album Merry Christmas II You, he was down for the cause. Co-starring Noah’s Arc alum Benjamin Patterson and directed by Shawn Carter Peterson (fun fact: Sy Smith‘s husband), B. Scott’s “When Christmas Comes” rendition is as hilarious, fabulous and adorable as he is.


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As for the deets on that aforementioned contest, it goes a little something like this: create your own “When Christmas Comes” video and post it on YouTube as a response to B. Scott’s version. If your entry is selected as a winner, you’ll be featured in Mariah’s official “When Christmas Coms” video. The deadline is Monday, December 13th, so get all the contest details on and then break out that flip cam to see if you can outdo Queen B.

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