Michael Jackson’s ‘Hold’ Is Still Strong Despite Akon’s Presence

The appeal of Akon as a performing artist has been something that I just haven’t been able to quite get, and I have yet to meet someone who can explain it to me properly. So upon learning that the new Michael Jackson song “Hold My Hand” was a duet with Akon–a prime player in the recent Quincy Jones debacle–I was sure that I was going to be writing a scathing review of it and the accompanying video now that it’s been released. However, I have to admit that that is not the case. Visually, the video–a collection of feel-good images, dated footage of Michael and sporadic shots of Akon–does as much as it can with MJ no longer here. However, the song is classic Michael with its lyrics of hope and love, accented but not derailed by Akon’s accompaniment. I can honestly say that this is the very first song that I’ve heard that showcases–if only a wee bit–that Akon can, in fact, carry a tune. And, ultimately, since Michael Jackson’s memory is involved, that is a very good thing, indeed.

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