MeLo-X Has Something For His 'Baby'

One of my favorite songs from Erykah Badu's New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh is "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long." Why she hasn't released it as a single yet and shot a video for it is beyond me, but while she sleeps MeLo-X stays woke. The rapper/beatmaker/producer/DJ sampled Badu and the original song that she sampled, Paul McCartney and Wings' "Arrow Through Me," for his song "Gone Baby," the video for which dropped this week. Directed by Jesse Boykins III--yes, that Jesse Boykins III--the video finds MeLo-X and his lady making beautiful music together in bed--literally. A set of bongo drums and a MacBook Pro have never looked sexier. Stay tuned for MeLo-X's upcoming EP, More Merch, coming soon. Hopefully there'll be more dope videos like this to feast our eyes on.

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