Lil Wayne Gives The Gift Of Freedom

It's always refreshing to read something positive about someone whose life is consumed by public missteps and gift wrapped in negativity. No, R. Kelly didn't record another gospel album. And before you ask: No, Lil Wayne hasn't been neutered. He did, however, change the life of a supportive fan and her mother. While on vacation in the slammer, Wayne received a series of uplifting letters including drug counseling coupons and spermicide bible verses and words of encouragement from Ronda Austin of Williamstown, New Jersey. Hearing the story of her mother Evelyn Austin's failed knees and outdated, unsafe wheelchair, Wayne and his organization, One Family Foundation, responded with a brand new motorized chair. The gift helped free Evelyn from captivity, as she previously hadn't been outside the house for years following an accident on a ramp at church. This is the latest entry in Offsetting Foolishness With Generosity: A Goon's Handbook. Regardless, positivity is always welcomed, especially from the Inseminator 5000. Handclap for you, Wayne.

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