Rah Digga Breaks Us Off With A 'Classic'

Rocking the strongest bun you have ever seen, former Busta Rhymes counterpart Rah Digga is back with
a new video for the title track to her latest album, Classic. The video, directed by Court Dunn, is part
of Nah Right's "One Shot" series. Taking several years off (to apply the bun worn in the video?) Dirty
Harriet has returned to show that female rappers can in fact deliver hotness without ass implants and
replacement noses. I consider Rah Digga among the most skilled women in the game. She prides herself
for having talent without gimmicks, and I applaud her for staying true to herself and not selling her ass to sell a record. Flipmode Squad's "Ghetto Diva" had one
of the hottest songs of '03 with "Party and Bullshit 2003" and was always able to hold her own in the male-dominated rap game. The new track is produced by Nottz and clearly displays that Digga still has it. She's a "Classic" for real.
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