Nneka’s ‘Heartbeat’ Gets Remixed

On the low-low it seems, Nigerian singer Nneka released a six-track EP collection of remixes of her song “Heartbeat” from her recent CD Concrete Jungle, so I find it my supreme duty to hip you to this gem so that you can check it with the quickness. When I reviewed her CD earlier this year, I confidently assured you that this album would be one of the top finds of 2010 and there’s no denying the truth in that. Nneka has been making waves this year, touring with Damian Marley and Nas, and this remix collection has the sheer audacity to make those of us who may have missed this tour envious when we hear the “Heartbeat” remix that features Nas blazing the mic as he does, as always, with finesse. While I’m partial to the Chase & Status remix, I think the entire collection is worth a listen, highlighting one of my favorite songs from Nneka’s sleeper hit album of the year.

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