Nelly, Talib Kweli & Ali’s ‘Go’ Sounds More Like ‘No’

I have just spent the last four minutes of my life in deep reflection. No, I’m not searching for the meaning of life or my purpose on Earth. The reason is much simpler. I just listened to “Go,” a song taken from the deluxe edition of Nelly‘s forthcoming album, 5.0, and I need answers. Nelly, aren’t we getting just a wee beside ourselves to think consumers will flock toward a deluxe release, let alone a regular one? How did St. Lunatics rapper Ali get time off from Wal-Mart to hit the studio with the holiday season approaching? And more importantly: Why? The song features Ali and Talib Kweli singing and rapping about better days, while collectively lamenting the ills of society (unemployment, poverty, 9/11, war, Maury Povich paternity scandals, etc.). Now, it’s always great when rappers take a break from sliding pre-paid debit cards between stripper booty cheeks to offer something positive to society. These days, an unspoken rule requires that famous goons have a charitable organization to offset their inevitable public missteps (see: T.I. and Weezy). But to channel one’s angst into this, dragging Ali and Kweli along for the ride? Again, why? It’s an attempt at an uplifting, troop-supporting anthem. In reality, though, Nelly delivered a wackburger with extra cheese, side of fail. I apparently missed Nelly’s transformation into Flo Rida 2.1, the nonthreatening ever-shirtless hip pop star. A social issue they neglected: not being able to sue musicians for time wasted. Take a listen to the track below.

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