Move Over Auto-Tune, Singing Robots Are The Future

Apparently groups like Milli Vanilli and Black Box were only preparing the stage for robots to take over the music world when they brought to our attention how easy it is to fake people out  with lip-synching. I mean, we were fooled long enough for Milli Vanilli to win a GRAMMY Award, right? With Auto-Tune's current popularity (damn you, T-Pain) with all types of singers nowadays--even those who can really sing--how far are we going to take this whole faux-singing craze? Last month Yamaha introduced an actual singing robot utilizing a program called Vocaloid to the public and not an eye batted in the music world (at least from where I sit) to consider what this could mean for concerts in the near future. I mean, when you have crappy seats and the singer is but a dot on the stage, would you really be able to tell if it's them on stage or their robot replica? Check out this footage of a humanoid robot singing and dancing and tell us what you think.

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