'Lay' & Play With El DeBarge & Faith Evans

I really don't think y'all understand how much I love the song "Lay With You" by El DeBarge and Faith Evans. The track showcases two of my favorites sounding like they were meant to sing together since the dawn of time. So when it came to the video treatment, it could have been some stick figures dancing on the screen and I probably would have loved it just because I'd get to hear the song again. Fortunately, the video has a little bit more substance as we witness El and Faith have what looks to be a lot of fun cutting this record in the studio then later partying with people dancing to their creation. Beats by Dre product placement is in full effect, but I'll take that over Nuvo any day. I know that November 30th is right around the corner, but El's new album, Second Chance, can't drop soon enough.

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