It's 'So Cold' For Robin Thicke

I used to adore Robin Thicke's music. Well, let me clarify. I respected the man's music when he was
unshaven, indie and eclectic, doing a (white) Jesus impression, and struggling to sell records. Back
then, he went by "Thicke," and his debut, A Beautiful World, was the standout of 2003 in my eyes, if
you ignore "Crazy In Love." I actually bought a copy (eight in all) for each of my friends. Thicke was all
over the place musically, and it worked for him. He was a child of the Stevie Wonder school of soul,
impressed by Lenny Kravitz rock and stoned on Jamiroquai funk. Thicke was ambitious, hungry and
generally unclassifiable. I loved it. And then he met Pharrell Williams. And years later, the soulfunkrock gem I knew in 2003 now works
Justin Timberlake's shift at WhiteBoys-R-Us, churning out forgettable hooks and duets with any rapper
who shows him a check. Enter: Swizz Beatz. When Toucan Sam isn't abandoning women, he's making
mediocre mid-tempos. This brings us to Robin Thicke's latest, "So Cold." The stripped down, eerie
track features Robin's signature falsetto and is pretty typical Swizz Beatz affair (translation: there
are whistles). Let's hope it's unfinished and that what's lacking is the actual beat. Take a listen to the
collaboration below. 

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